Government House Foundation of Western Australia

The Government House Foundation of Western Australia was established in 1987, with the primary objective of promoting awareness of the significance of Government House, the ballroom and gardens as part of the history and heritage of Western Australia.

The Foundation directly supports the conservation, restoration and enhancement of this magnificent property raising funds to acquire appropriate works of art, antique furnishings, objets d’art and items of significant historical, cultural and contemporary value.

In 2006, the Government House Foundation commenced the Music on the Terrace series. A number of concerts of exceptional musical quality are presented each year, which provide a platform for local, national and international performers and opportunities for young Western Australian artists to shine.

In 2016, six Music on the Terrace concerts will be presented and will feature the UWA Symphony Orchestra, Finnish piano virtuoso Paavali Jumppanen, the St George’s Cathedral Consort, Canadian violinist Alexandre de Costa and Australia’s ‘Queen of the flute’ Jane Rutter.

There will also be two special events this year. The first is a play entitled ‘And now, the Governor’s wife’ in which the wives of three Governors (Ellen Mangles Stirling, Mary Essex Hampton and Lady Frederick Broome) sing, laugh and argue with George Fletcher Moore, the Irish lawyer who composed the song Western Australia for Me in 1831. The second special event is the always popular Music of the Night cabaret evening featuring the highly acclaimed soprano Sara Macliver as well as talented students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

In addition, Government House gardens are open several times each week to the public and guided tours are available on Open Days. See the Government House website for more information.

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